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Ritewing ZXL

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Sat Mar 15, 2014 6:16 am

Ritewing ZXL

by reddog » Sun Mar 16, 2014 9:59 pm

I really like the Zephyr II airframe. I have flown a number of other flying wings, I like the Zephyr II the best. With the release of the ZXL this is going to make a good plane, great. The extra wing area (significant increase in wing size) is a huge bonus.

The ZXL flies absolutely brilliantly, almost unnaturally. When its in the air, it reminds me of when you see an A380 and think how it is possible something that big flies so gracefully.

Airframe and basic electronics:

Airframe - ... ts_id=1235

Camera and Skid upgrade - http://www.readymade...products_id=731

Motor - ... Motor.html
Propeller - 11 x 5.5

ESC - http://www.hobbyking...Controller.html

BEC - http://www.hobbyking..._Reduction.html

Elevator Servos - ... c_45g.html

Aileron Servos - ... -85mg.html

Batteries - http://www.hobbyking...idProduct=14726

Control Horns - http://www.hobbyking...24mm_5pcs_.html

Using a GoPro Camera as recording and live out.
GoPro Camera - I am using the Hero HD
GoPro Live out - ... ts_id=1091
3D case -

Other electronics:
Manual control - EzUHF
OSD - MinimOSD
Current Sensor - Attopilot current sensor

Stabilisation/Autopilot - Quanton.

Video transmitter - 1.3Ghz 1000mw - ... cts_id=921
Telemetry Modem - RFD900 -


3M 77 (contact adhesive) -

3M 90 (contact adhesive) -

Sikaflex 11FC, does not eat the Zephyr II foam, is flexible and very durable. Good for connecting winglets.

Sikabond TechGrip - Gorilla Glue re-branded.

Superglue - Foam safe superglue from

Build tips:

- Video build log by this guy is fantastic - For ZXL specific builds search (there are not many). I will post my own video soon.

- Use shielded USB cable for wiring and ground the sheath.

- I disconnected the BEC from the ESC and installed a 3amp, 5v BEC.

- I installed a Step up/down regulator for 12v - http://www.foxtechfp...d-2a-p-200.html OR ... volt-micro

- I rewired the batteries with 14awg wire so its more flexible and use bullet connectors on the ends of the wire.

Thoughts after the build

- Front and wing skids are made out of poster board, fill the gaps with hot melt glue, especially on the bottom.

- If you did want two cameras up front I would build a more sturdy and better thought out GoPro camera case like here - ... 191&page=9

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